For You

by Travis Boyens

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released July 9, 2017



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Travis Boyens San Diego, California

Instrumental post-rock that's sometimes mathy and sometimes not intrumental
Singer at Stray Mother
Twitter: @seagullbuster

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Track Name: Swim
I can feel that aura flush over me
With dark red and velvet textures
We haunt the boardwalk over aqua quartz sea
Please don't drift away from me

Pick a different song
We should have known it all along

I know I never know where to go
But I think we'll find our way back home
I wanna swim inside of your eyes
I think I'm drowning in that hazel light
Drag me down and I'll be alright
Track Name: Stephie Baby
Sweet little baby, go back to your nest
Nestle the bramble and make your bed
We'll hide beneath the covers, our faces painted red
Innocent and in love with halos above our head

Could I be your dream catcher
Wreathed in umber leaves
It's not your favorite color but I love to watch you sleep
I love that you love me
I'll take away the bad dreams

You love the city and I love the trees
Somehow I met you someplace in-between
I live for dusk in Autumn, you love the summer waves
We'll sit by the ocean and watch the seasons change

I'll always love you because you were my first
The deepest spark of the ember of my heart
I'll try to be my best but I'll be there for the worst
Precious girl with deep green eyes and dreams mapped out in star charts

I place my hand on your legs, and that's where it will stay
My friend to the end, another perfect day